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Since the fall of 2007, I’ve been uploading videos to YouTube under the name JenniferESL . Please use the YouTube playlists on my channel to find videos. There is a playlist for every subject: Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, etc. The videos in each playlist appear in the order I uploaded them, from the oldest to the newest. There are links below to each playlist. Video titles are listed to assist you in your search.

  • Advanced English with JenniferESL
  • Lesson 1 (Parts A and B): Olympic Games - Vocabulary Practice

    Lesson 2: Olympic Games - Listening Practice

    Lesson 3 (Parts A and B): Olympic Games - Grammar Practice

    Lesson 4: Yard Sale (Part 1 = Listening Practice, Part 2 = Grammar, Part 3 = Vocabulary)

    Lesson 5-8 (A four-part lesson): How to Reduce Adverb Clauses to Phrases

  • American Slang – English Lessons with JenniferESL
  • Lesson 1: "Let me grab a bite to eat."

    Lesson 2: "Hold on a sec."

    Lesson 3: "You up for a movie tonight?"

    Lesson 4: "Can you give me a hand?"

    Lesson 5: An Old Classmate

    Lesson 6: Office Romance

    Lesson 7 (Parts A and B): Office Gossip

    Lesson 8 (Parts 1 and 2): Cool Car

  • Basic English Grammar Lessons with JenniferESL
  • Lesson 1: IT'S/ ITS

    Lesson 2: IN/ ON

    Lesson 3 (Parts A, B, C, D): The Simple Past Tense

    Lesson 4: Verb "BE" (Present Tense)

  • Common Mistakes in English – Lessons with JenniferESL

    Lesson 2: THINK

    Lesson 3 (Parts A, B, C): Making Requests

    Lesson 4 (Parts A, B, C, D): WISH & HOPE

    Lesson 5 (Parts A and B): -ING/ -ED Adjectives (Participial Adjectives)

    Lesson 6 (Parts A and B): Prepositions

    Lesson 7 (Parts A and B): WHETHER

    Lesson 8 (Parts A and B): USED TO

    Lesson 9 (Parts 1 and 2): TOO & ENOUGH

    Lesson 10 (Parts 1 and 2): Question Formation (yes-no questions, wh- questions, negative questions)

  • English for Professionals with JenniferESL
  • Lesson 1: Commuting

    Lesson 2: Skill Set

    Lesson 3 (in two parts): Work Style

    Lesson 4 (in two parts): Work Schedule

  • English Grammar Lessons with JenniferESL
  • Lesson 1: Preferences

    Lesson 2a: Factual (Real) Conditionals in the Present

    Lesson 2b: Factual (Real) Conditionals in the Future

    Lesson 2c: UNLESS

    Lesson 2d: Unreal Conditionals in the Present

    Lesson 2e and f: Unreal Conditionals in the Past

    Lesson 3 (Parts A, B, C): Prepositions of Location and Direction

    Lesson 4 (in three parts): The Passive Voice

    Lesson 5 (Parts A and B): SEEM

    Lesson 6a: Present Perfect - Form and Uses

    Lesson 6b: Present Perfect v. Simple Past

    Lesson 6c: Present Perfect - Forming the Negative and Questions

    Lesson 6d: Present Perfect with Time Expressions & Present Perfect Progressive

    Lesson 6e: Present Perfect & Other Verb Tenses - Compare and Contrast

    Lesson 7: Reported Speech - Introduction

    Lesson 8: Reported Speech - Changing Reference Words

    Lesson 9: Reported Speech - Changing Verbs (Subject-Verb Agreement)

    Lesson 10: Reported Speech - Changing Verb Tenses

    Lesson 11: Reported Speech with Modals

    Lesson 12: Reported Speech with Conditionals

    Lesson 13: Reported Speech - Forming Yes/No Questions

    Lesson 14: Reported Speech - Forming Wh- Questions

    Lesson 15: Reported Speech - Using Infinitives to Form Questions

    Lesson 16: Reported Speech - Imperatives and Reporting Verbs

    Lesson 17: Phrasal Verbs - Introduction

    Lesson 18: Phrasal Verbs - Structure

    Lesson 19: Phrasal Verbs - Pronunciation

    Lesson 20: Phrasal Verbs & Compound Words

    Lesson 21: Double Comparatives

    Lesson 22 (Parts 1 and 2): Articles - Introduction

    Lesson 23: Articles - Generic Nouns

    Lesson 24 (Parts 1 and 2): Articles - Places & Geographical Names

    Lesson 25 (Parts 1 and 2): Articles - Languages, Countries & Nationalities

    Lesson 26: Modal Verbs to Express Past Possibilities

    Lesson 27: Gerunds and Infinitives (As direct objects, with a focus on the verbs TRY, STOP, FORGET, and REMEMBER)

    Lesson 28 (Parts 1 and 2): Embedded Questions

    Lesson 29 (Parts 1 and 2): Tag Questions

    Lesson 30: Stative Passive

    Lesson 31: Order of Adjectives

  • English Mini Lessons with JenniferESL
  • Lesson 1: Leap Year

    Lesson 2: Easter

    Lesson 3: April Fool's Day

    Lesson 4: Sneezing

    Lesson 5: Mother's Day

    Lesson 6: Memorial Day

    Lesson 7: New Year's Resolutions

    Lesson 8: Tooth Fairy

    Lesson 9: Black Friday

    Lesson 10: Groundhog Day

  • English Pronunciation Lessons with JenniferESL
  • Lesson 1 (Parts A and B): Unvoiced "TH"

    Lesson 2: Voiced "TH"

    Lesson 3 (Parts A and B): Rhythm Through Rhymes

    Lesson 4 (in six parts): "L"

    Lesson 5 (in seven parts): "R"

    Lesson 6 (in four parts): Word Stress

    Lesson 7 (Parts A and B): Thought Groups

    Lesson 8 (Parts A, B, C): Stress Patterns

    Lesson 9 (Parts A, B, C): Advanced Stress Patterns

    Lesson 10 (in four parts): Intonation

    Lesson 11 (Parts A and B): CAN/ CAN'T

    Lesson 12: Omission of /t/

    Lesson 13 (Parts A, B, C): True T & Flap T

    Lesson 14: Glottal Stop

    Lesson 15: Plural Endings -S/ -ES

  • English Vocabulary Lessons with JenniferESL
  • Lesson 1: Expressions About the Outdoors

    Lesson 2: Expressions for "Easy"

    Lesson 3: Kitchen Idioms

    Lesson 4: Driving Idioms

    Lesson 5: Color Idioms

    Lesson 6: Expressions Related to Thanksgiving

    Lesson 7: Sports Idioms

    Lesson 8: Expressions About Love & Marriage

    Lesson 9: Synonyms for Love

    Lesson 10: St. Patrick's Day

    Lesson 11 (Parts A and B): Father's Day

    Lesson 12 (Parts A and B): Independence Day

    Lesson 13: Expressions Related to Nose Surgery

    Lesson 14 (Parts A and B): Connotations

    Lesson 15: Bull Idioms

    Lesson 16: Bridge Idioms

    Lesson 17: Pittsburgh, PA

    Lesson 18: Table idioms

    Lesson 19: Valentine's Day

    Lesson 20: Road Trip

    Lesson 21: Teeth Idioms

    Lesson 22: Learning (and roller-skating!)

    Lesson 23: Book Idioms

    Lesson 24: Chicken Idioms

    Lesson 25: Spring Idioms

    Lesson 26: Red, White & Blue Idioms (The Fourth of July Holiday)

    Lesson 27: Work Idioms with Special Guest Teacher - Rachel of Rachel's English

  • English Writing Skills: Punctuation
  • Lesson 1: Sentence Punctuation and Contractions

    Lesson 2: Commas and Capital Letters (in three parts)

    Lesson 3: Commas and Direct (Quoted) Speech

    Lesson 4: Apostrophes and Commas (in two parts)

    Lesson 5: Date, Time, and Numbers (in two parts)

    Lesson 6: Titles, Names, and Adjective Clauses (in two parts)

    Lesson 7: Parentheses, Dashes, and Hyphens (in two parts)

    Lesson 8: Semicolons and Colons(in two parts)

    Lesson 9: Ellipsis and Ampersand(in two parts)

  • Language Notes
  • Lesson 1: Titles and Forms of Address

    Lesson 2: U.S. System of Education

    Lesson 3: Geography and Nationalities

    Lesson 4: (in three parts) U.S. Wedding Customs

    Lesson 5: (in two parts) Meals and Mealtimes in the U.S.

    Lesson 6: (in two parts) Hand Gestures in the U.S.

    Lesson 7: Making Random Choices

    Lesson 8: (in two parts) Filler Words, Interjections, and Onomatopoeia

    Lesson 9: (in two parts) Internet and Text Chat Slang

    Lesson 10: Getting Paid (Earning Money)

    Lesson 11: Housing and Moving

    Lesson 12: Aging

    Lesson 13: Words with Gender

    Lesson 14: Homophones, Homographs, and Homonyms

    Lesson 15: Terms of Endearment

    Lesson 16: Talking about Luck

    Lesson 17: School Supplies

  • Learn English Prepositions with Jennifer
  • Lesson 1: Introduction

    Lesson 2: About & Of

    Lesson 3: By, Of, In, With

    Lesson 4: At & To

    Lesson 5: For, To, With

    Lesson 6: Prepositions of Time (Set 1)

    Lesson 7: Prepositions of Time (Set 2)

    Lesson 8: Prepositions of Place

    Lesson 9: Prepositions in a Sentence (Word Order and Concise Sentences)

  • Learn English with Jennifer: Lessons for Beginners
  • Lesson 1: Greetings

    Lesson 2: More Greetings

    Lesson 3: Greetings Throughout the Day

    Lesson 4: Useful Expressions

    Lesson 5: More Useful Expressions

    Lesson 6: Introductions (Introducing Yourself)

    Lesson 7: The Alphabet

    Lesson 8: Writing the Alphabet

    Lesson 9: Spelling (Your Name)

    Lesson 10: Let's and Don't

    Lesson 11: Do and Don't

    Lesson 12: Counting from 1 to 10

    Lesson 13: How Many?

    Lesson 14: Counting from 10 to 20

    Lesson 15: Counting from 10 to 100

    Lesson 16: Hundred, Thousand and Million

    Lesson 17: Present Forms of BE (am, is, are)

    Lesson 18: Subject Pronouns (I, you, he, she, it, we, they)

    Lesson 19: Forming Sentences with BE

    Lesson 20: Negative Forms of BE and Questions

    Lesson 21: Review of BE and Saying Good-bye

    Lesson 22: The Weather

    Lesson 23: Fruits

    Lesson 24: What's this?

    Lesson 25: Articles (a, a, the)

    Lesson 26: What are these?

    Lesson 27: That, Those

    Lesson 28: Colors

    Lesson 29: Do you have...?

    Lesson 30: Plural Nouns

    Lesson 31: Irregular Plural Nouns

    Lesson 32: Present Forms of HAVE (have, has)

    Lesson 33: Negative Forms of HAVE in the Present

    Lesson 34: Family

    Lesson 35: How old are you?

    Lesson 36: Months and Birthdays

    Lesson 37: Seasons

    Lesson 38: Leap Year

    Lesson 39: Ordinal Numbers

    Lesson 40: Dates

    Lesson 41: Days of the Week

    Lesson 42: Weekday and Weekend

    Lesson 43: Questions About the Calendar

    Lesson 44: Whose? (my, your...)

    Lesson 45: Past Forms of BE (was, were)

    Lesson 46: Questions with Past Forms of BE

    Lesson 47: Possessive Nouns (Jennifer's, The Lebedevs')

    Lesson 48: Rooms in the House

    Lesson 49: Verbs in the Simple Present

    Lesson 50: Yes-No Questions in the Simple Present

    Lesson 51: Question Words

    Lesson 52: Information (Wh-) Questions in the Simple Present

    Lesson 53: The Kitchen (vocabulary)

    Lesson 54: In the Kitchen (grammar: prepositions and adverbs of location)

    Lesson 55: The Living Room (vocabulary)

    Lesson 56: Pronunciation of THE (definite article)

    Lesson 57: Possessive Pronouns (mine, yours...)

    Lesson 58: Telling Time

    Lesson 59: Daily Routine (schedules)

    Lesson 60: Present Progressive (affirmative - "I am teaching.")

    Lesson 61: Present Progressive (negative - "I am not eating.")

    Lesson 62: Present Progressive (questions)

    Lesson 63: Would you like...? (polite offers and invitations)

    Lesson 64: Review of Questions

    Lesson 65: Object Pronouns

  • Oral Reading Fluency with Jennifer
  • Introduction

    Practice Text 1: A New Day

    Practice Text 2: A People Have a Place

    Practice Text 3: There Is Much to Do

    Practice Text 4: When the World Is Looking at You

    Practice Text 5: The Power of A Pen in Hand

    Practice Text 6: Who Can Lead a Nation?

    Practice Text 7: Experiencing Life

    Practice Text 8: Order, Order

    Practice Text 9: Numbers

    Practice Text 10: Walk the Talk

    Practice Text 11: Different Interests

    Practice Text 12: Going for a Drive

    Practice Text 13: I'll Sit and Write a Letter

    Practice Text 14: Change

    Practice Text 15: The Question about Education

    Practice Text 16: Measuring Greatness

    Practice Text 17: The Rainbow

    Practice Text 18: Outside the Box

    Practice Text 19: An Island

  • Pronunciation of English Vowel Sounds with JenniferESL
  • Lesson 1: Introduction

    Lesson 2: (Parts 1 and 2) Front Vowels

    Lesson 3: (Parts 1 and 2) Back Vowels

    Lesson 4: (Parts 1 and 2) Central Vowels

    Lesson 5: Diphthongs

    Bonus Lesson: English Accents (Variations of Vowel Sounds)

  • Verb Tenses in English with JenniferESL
  • Lesson 1: Overview

    Lesson 2: Simple Present

    Lesson 3: Present Progressive

    Lesson 4: Present Perfect and Present Perfect Progressive

    Lesson 5: (Parts 1 and 2) Simple Past and Past Progressive

    Lesson 6: (Parts 1 and 2) Past Perfect and Past Perfect Progressive

    Lesson 7: (Parts 1 and 2) The Future with WILL and BE GOING TO

    Lesson 8: (Parts 1 and 2) Future Progressive and Future Perfect

    Lesson 9: Final Review

  • 20-Day Fast Speech Challenge
  • Introduction

    Day 1: Linking consonant to vowel

    Day 2: Linking vowel to vowel with /y/

    Day 3: Linking vowel to vowel with /w/

    Day 4: Linking consonants

    Day 5: Glottal stop

    Day 6: Flap T

    Day 7: Reducing AT, AN, CAN

    Day 8: Reducing THAT, THAN, THEM

    Day 9: Reduction of vowels in general

    Day 10: Reducing OF, FOR, THEIR, THEY'RE

    Day 11: Reducing TO, DO, DOES

    Day 12: Reducing IS, OF

    Day 13: Written and Spoken Contractions

    Day 14: Reducing YOU, YOUR, YOU'RE

    Days 15-20: Disappearing letters and more! Stay tuned.

  • 20-Day Phrasal Verb Challenge
  • Introduction

    Day 1: Let In On

    Day 2: Come Up With

    Day 3: Sink In

    Day 4: Brush Up On

    Day 5: Try Out

    Day 6: Fall Behind

    Day 7: Keep Up With

    Day 8: Stay Up

    Day 9: Turn Down

    Day 10: Talk Out Of

    Day 11: Ask Around

    Day 12: Come Down To

    Day 13: Miss Out On

    Day 14: Stick Around

    Day 15: Go Over

    Day 16: See Through

    Day 17: Work On

    Day 18: Doze Off

    Day 19: Take Up On

    Day 20: Shy Away From